When the Match Option parameter is set to Closest or Closest geodesic, two or more join features may be the same distance from the target feature. When this occurs, one of the join features will be randomly selected as the matching feature (the join feature's Object ID does not influence this random selection). Click the Join Features drop-down and select the features closest to your target layer. Under Match Options, choose Closest. Change additional parameters as needed. See Spatial Join for more information. Run the tool. The spatial join runs on that selection creating a dataset with the new emission points with the closest address point. Currently the model is dumping these new datasets into a temporary geodatabase and it would be up to you to merge them all back into a single layer. ArcGIS Pro provides a few tools to calculate distance, including the Near, Generate Near Table, and Spatial Join (with CLOSEST match option) tools. Refer to ArcGIS Pro: How proximity tools calculate distance for more information. This article provides options to determine the distance between the nearest point features from two different layers.

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